Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ABC Announces 2011 Booth Discounts

ABC Kids will be moving to Louisville in 2011. The show dates are September 23-26. There will be significant cost savings for exhibiting manufacturers, especially in material handling at this non-union facility.

Already one of the lowest cost trade shows in North America, according to the former Trade Show Week, the Board of Directors of All Baby & Child has decided to take all of the dollars that ABC will save on convention center space rental and give it back to 2011 exhibiting manufacturers in the form of an “early bird” discount. For 2011, the $1.00 per square foot “early bird” discount will be matched by another $1.00 per square foot “Lock Down Louisville” discount. Exhibitors that qualify for these “early bird” discounts must register for the 2011 show on-site during the upcoming 2010 show or no later than October 30, 2010, and must pay for their booth space on or before both deposit and final payment deadlines, which are January 10th and May 30th respectively.

In addition, members of J.P.M.A. that have paid their 2011 membership dues on or before May 30, 2011 (must be on J.P.M.A. list as of that date to qualify) will receive an additional $2.00 per square foot booth discount. J.P.M.A. manufacturer members that reserve booth space by October 30th and pay for that space by both the deposit and final payment deadlines will therefore receive a total of $4.00 per square foot off their 2011 booth space rental.

Registration for the 2011 show will be available beginning Tuesday, October 12 and Wednesday, October 13 during the 2010 show and online after these dates. They look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas soon and they will help you “Lock Down Louisville” while you’re there.