Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Retail Trends

Value, convenience and selection will remain top-of-mind as the New Year approaches and retailers begin to look back on 2009 and move away from the holiday season. Mike Kraus, Retail Adviser for, predicts the following retail trends for 2010.

The continued rise of Ecommerce - as consumers continue to be in value mode, they'll continue to shop online for the best price. But price is only part of the equation. Convenience and selection will also help drive consumers to e-commerce.

The Sameness of Retail … Urgency to Retrench and Retool - as retailers continue to offer uninspired store experiences, and merchandise that is out of step with consumers, we'll continue to see slow growth in the retail sector.

Social Media Becomes Key Driver in Retail Marketing - instantaneous outreach to loyal customers will take hold and exponentially expand through Twitter, Facebook and more. This not only allows retailers to stay in touch, but it allows them to stay up to speed and get involved in an increasingly open and honest dialogue with customers.

Crash-up Retailing – the economic expansion gave rise to the overdevelopment of shopping centers, districts and streets, leaving every shopping area no different from the next. Crash-up retailers, those that combine more than just goods for sale, things such as gallery space, a cafe or coffee bar, a community meeting space, or a performance space are going to drive visits to their locations, simply because they're offering something more - a place to experience versus a place to just sell.

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