Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Review: Tutu Pour Mon Deux

Tutus are all over the place, but we were surprised when Tutu Pour Mon Deux sent us one of their tutu shirts. The shirts aren't your average pink, frilly, over-the-top tutu. These tutus could be a part of a child's actual wardrobe; they might not be school-appropriate, but with a cute pair of contrasting tights, they're adorable for family get-togethers, birthday parties or playdates.

The tutus are attached to a tank top (ours had a cupcake embellished on it) or a long-sleeved shirt. Parents can choose the color of the shirt, embellishment, tutu color and coordinating ribbon. Even sweeter than the outfits is the story of the owner, Erika, whose daughters, one born with a congenital heart defect, inspired her to create the shirts and give back to the community. Tutu Pour Mon Deux gives one-third of its proceeds to Children's Hospital Boston.

If you've got a girly-girl that won't change out of her make-believe princess dress, tutu shirts are an easy compromise. And really, who can resist a little girl in a tutu?

Photo courtesy Tutu Pour Mon Deux

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