Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Checking In With: Baby Aspen

This week, Baby & Kids takes a fresh look at some of the industry's leading producers of toys and juvenile products. We spoke with Donna Laurent, director of brand development, to learn the latest happenings at Baby Aspen.

Baby & Kids
: What’s the history behind Baby Aspen? What’s the goal/mission of the company?

Donna Laurent: Baby Aspen was founded in 2007 as the sister company of Kate Aspen, known for gift-ready, beautifully packaged, practical wedding and baby shower favors. Using that same premise through the Baby Aspen line, we seek to bring to the market unique baby gifts that are packaged in a clever, unique way, are gift-ready and at a moderate price point, or as we like to say “boutique look, priced right.” We now feature more than 45 SKUs, ranging from adorable socks to bathrobes, layettes, plush and blankets.

B&K: How can gift retailers start branching out to include juvenile products? Why is it important for them to do so?

DL: We keep our minimums extremely low, which allows gift retailers considering adding baby gift to their assortment the perfect means to take that first step. We also lower the risk with products that are proven sellers both online and in-store and with price points starting at $6 wholesale.

The potential for gift retailers to grow with this market is significant, especially considering their already-captured female audience. Add to that the fact that these consumers are specifically seeking gifts, and you’ve got the perfect condition for sales. The baby gift market has a broad appeal, taking the “is it too personal?” question out of the buying decision. Gifts that are universally appealing and can deliver a “wow” factor provide more purchasing power for a wide range of ages and gift-giving occasions.

B&K: What new products/categories are you working on for the future?

DL: We will continue our focus on quality products delivered in creative ways, allowing the packaging to shine almost as much as the product itself. Now that we’ve established more depth in our collection, we are looking to expand themes and SKU types in the mid-level price range, including our snuggle sacks, bath and plush and lovie gift sets.

Image courtesy Baby Aspen.


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