Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Program Helps Midwest-CBK Customers with Product Launch Using Email and Social Media

Midwest-CBK, a leading designer and manufacturer renowned for its design, style and sparkle, has partnered with SnapRetail to provide independent retailers with a free, turnkey SnapRetail Monkeez E-Marketing Program. SnapRetail offers a web-based system for online marketing and sales that is used by thousands of independent retailers.

The program brings retailers a complete social media and email marketing campaign to drive store traffic and sales of Monkeez Makes a Difference Genuine Monkeez & Friends products. Midwest-CBK and SnapRetail have made it easy to promote Monkeez Makes a Difference by providing a complete toolbox of email and social media templates to launch the new program to retailers' customers.

The program is available to independent retailers who purchase $500 worth of Monkeez Makes a Difference products during the summer markets or from their sales reps from June through August 31, 2012, providing retailers with:

• One-month free subscription to SnapRetail's system.  
• Coming soon templates that retailers can easily and quickly share with customers to build awareness and excitement for the program just prior to product availability.
• When Monkeez Makes a Difference products leave the Midwest-CBK warehouse, SnapRetail will help retailers announce that the Monkeez are now available in their store.

"Midwest-CBK is always looking for new ways to support our customers with business-building tools," says Frank Davis, Midwest-CBK director of sales. "The beauty of this turnkey campaign is that it's free with purchase of the program and provides popular Facebook, Twitter and email tools to drive traffic and build sales. Plus SnapRetail and Midwest-CBK do the work; retailers simply push the 'send' and 'post' buttons and watch the results."

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