Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Swordpen Launches Children's Publishing Company with Seven Original Titles

SwordPen Publishing is pleased to announce the official launch of their children's publishing company, with an impressive seven original book titles in print. The company is founded on the goal of creating educational and entertaining literature for children. Novels are geared toward kids from three to twelve years old, but people of all ages are sure to enjoy the intriguing stories. SwordPen is focused on making a difference in the lives of young readers. They believe in the power of the word to uplift, educate, entertain, and transform.

Many of the stories are written by SwordPen CEO and author Zev Lewinson, and are complemented by colorful, vivid illustrations from artists such as Debi Coules, Lisa Griffin, and Robert Nailon. Each book is carefully crafted and flawlessly edited, with the focus on allowing young readers the pleasure of inferring the story as it unfolds. This, in turn, teaches children to be creative readers rather than passive learners. Lewinson feels a deep, personal connection to each individual tale he publishes. "Before I sign off on a book, I have to be able to answer the following question: 'Have I put my heart and soul into inspiring the children who will read this?' If the answer is 'yes,' then I know I've done a great job." 

Currently, seven literary works are complete and available: When You Gotta Go!, Of Course I Love You!, The Golden Butterfly, Don't Get Stuck on Being a Duck!, My Dog Ate It!, The Hippo That Flew!, and How Mice Became Small. Six more titles are in production with plans for publication dates in 2013. Twenty-eight more acquisitions (i.e., SwordPen masterpieces) are presently in the pipeline. 

SwordPen is a small publishing company that places great emphasis on sound investments. Every one of their books is truly priceless! New York businessman and Extell Development Company CEO Gary Barnett became a personal investor in SwordPen by merely chancing upon several SwordPen stories that he found on his mother's dining room table. Gary (famous for his ability to spot a gem), immediately contacted Lewinson to ask if he could use an investor, and the rest is history. 

All of SwordPen's titles are classic works of art. Librarians swoon over each release, as do parents – and their kids! SwordPen's passion for conveying inspiration, knowledge, and humor into homes and libraries all over the country can easily be seen on each and every page of their elegant stories. "I want children of all ages – and their parents – to experience the contrast between a run-of-the-mill children's book and a SwordPen book," Lewinson says. "The difference is not just striking … it's downright astonishing." Prices for individual books range from $9.95 to $12.95. All available narratives can be purchased at Barnes & Noble,, and on the company's personal website:

For more information, please visit SwordPen's website at or

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