Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Introducing the New Brian James Women's Footwear Collection

Angela Edgeworth, founder of the award-winning and quickly growing children's footwear brand pediped, announces the debut collection of Brian James, a new footwear line for women. The new line, which will be available at retail mid-December 2012, marks Edgeworth's entry into the women's footwear industry.

Edgeworth made a commitment to develop a women's footwear line following years of countless requests from mothers, celebrities and fans who were seeking the same quality, comfort and style as pediped Footwear for children. The collection is named after Angela's husband Brian who, besides shoes and her two daughters, is the love of her life.

"This collection has been two years in the making and after tireless design meetings and countless hours of sketching, I believe we got the comfort, style and fit just right," said founder Angela Edgeworth. "I'm thrilled to have completed this collection that is perfect for the woman who appreciates fashion just as much as she loves comfort."

Designed for women who adore fashion but refuse to sacrifice comfort and quality, the collection will be the perfect staple in every woman's summer wardrobe. Brian James shoes offer a soft, flexible sole and all-leather uppers and linings. This collection fits every trendsetter's desire for style and every shopper who puts comfort first.


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