Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Live From New York It’s Elf Fashion Week with Special Guest Ho Ho Husky

Daytime clothing at the North Pole may be standard red and green, but according to Elf Magic, the folks who know everything about the secret life of Elves, Santa’s favorite Elves own a nifty travel wardrobe of Elfits to dress up their “Sleigh Trip” visits! Coinciding with the American International Toy Fair is Elf Fashion Week, taking place at Booth 1056 with special guest star Ho Ho Husky. Look for the 2013 collection to include new fashion and accessories for such Elfcapades as gymnastics, surfing and ballroom dancing!

For those not up-to-date with the timeless Elf Magic tradition of Elf home visits, Elves typically arrive around Thanksgiving and return to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve. The excitement of having an Elf visit during the holiday season is fun for all who believe in the magic of Christmas.

Assuming Santa can spare them for a few days from Elf duties, Elves are often allowed to visit their special families for short visits around important events like birthdays or vacations. For all those travel occasions Elf Magic Elves have designed an entire collection of clothing and accessories known as Forever Elf Fashions allowing the Elves to “Dress to Impress”.

The latest looks from Elf Fashion Week should hit online and arrive in stores in June. The biggest news in 2013 is a four-legged friend who's not a reindeer at all! New for 2013, Elf Magic will introduce their newest adorable friend, Ho Ho Husky as well as many new Elfits. Look for these delightful accessories this summer

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