Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Introducing Mixie, The First Baby Bottle That Can Be Fixed Now and Mixed Later

"Fix me now, mix me later," reads the new Mixie Bottle represented by Carolina Baby Co. Simply add formula to one air-tight compartment (an 8-ounce Mixie holds up to four scoops, a 4-ounce Mixie holds up to two scoops of most leading brand formulas), and then add the water to a separate compartment. When you're ready, push the button on the bottle bottom to release the powder, and shake until it's well-blended. The formula compartment lid works as a free-floating agitator, mixing the formula thoroughly to avoid clumping. 

Hunger just does not have patience. This one-of-a-kind baby formula bottle is expertly designed and provides a solution to feeding on the go. It satisfies the little one, and everyone in the family can sleep happily ever after. Retailers can choose the countertop displays or free standing floor displays for faster turnover and brand recognition.

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