Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.) and Fashion Delivers Merge to Better Serve People in Need

Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.) and Fashion Delivers Charitable Foundation, Inc., announced today that they have successfully completed their merger as of April 7, 2014. Both K.I.D.S. and Fashion Delivers, U.S.-based nonprofit organizations with a global reach, were founded to secure donations of excess new product from manufacturers and retailers to provide relief for people in need. The official name of the organization is now K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers, Inc., and their new website is a call to action that emphasizes the organization's mission. K.I.D.S. was founded in 1985 by children's industry executives, and in 2005 Fashion Delivers was created by adult apparel and home fashions professionals to serve similar purposes. Moving donations of new apparel, home fashions, toys, books and other items is a huge effort. Cash donations and other financial support help pay for programs, logistics, coordination and transportation costs so that new product reaches the people who need it most. While the organizations' work in natural disasters has attracted the most attention, fighting poverty is a daily mission. The organizations have delivered over $1 billion of new product and efficiently operate with less than 3% overhead.

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