Thursday, October 27, 2016

Store owners from U.S. and abroad shop the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas

Retailers and buyers not only from across the country but across the world visited Las Vegas Oct. 18-21 to be at the ABC Kids Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Zavnvra Pingkan and Ratih Danisworo, co-owners of Mom's & I in Jakarta, Indonesia, had been to one other trade show in Singapore, but it was their first time at the ABC Kids Expo. "We heard everyone say that the ABC Expo, you need to go there. We did hear it's more to the U.S. market, but we don't totally agree with that," says Danisworo. The two also noted that they were happy to meet with vendors that they already have relationships with, such as Bebe Au Lait, Weegoamigo and Little Linen.

This was the third year at the Expo for Jaimee Nicolino and Kari Newman, co-owners of the Swell Shop for Baby in Iowa. They said they spent most of their time browsing the Modern Baby section, which is more in line with their store concept. "We're always trying to bring new products into our area, so that's the reason why we come to ABC—to see what's new and what's different and what we need to bring back to Des Moines."

In addition, Newman says she values the opportunity to make connections with new vendors and network with your existing vendors. "We like to show them that we're supporting them and we continue to enjoy having their products in our store," she says. This year was the third Expo for Jill Geyer with Kaplan Early Learning Company in North Carolina, who noted that the Margarita Meet-up, Modern Child Wine Bistro and Modern Child Coffee Café were all much-appreciated options this year.

"It's just a little benefit. We went to the coffee one so far," she said on the floor. It's the first Expo for her co-owner, Lila Catrett, who said she loved seeing the wide array of different vendors so she can view products and know what's on the market, even if they don't fit her concept. In addition, she found visits with her existing vendors—such as Kids Preferred and EduShape—to be an invaluable part of the Expo experience. "They can explain the product to us and say this is new and this is why we love it, and they give us pointers on how to use it. It's wonderful." The ABC Spring Conference and Trade Show will take place May 1-3, 2017.

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