Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Get the Kids in the Kitchen with the Kinderkitchen Collection

Kuhn Rikon presents Kinderkitchen®, its first collection of kitchen tools designed specifically for children. From the endearing Bluebird Spatula to the sprightly Cockatiel Whisk with one bright pink silicone wire in its plumage, this innovative line lets children explore the wonders of creating meals while inspiring imaginations in the kitchen.

Designed for little hands and curious minds, the colorful collection of whimsical kitchen tools marries high-quality construction with ease of use. Special safety features make the collection ideal for children. The Duck Snippers are mini kitchen shears that are sharp enough to cut veggies but not sharp enough to hurt people, and they come with a yellow duckbill that covers the blades for safe storage.

The tools allow children to work in the kitchen side-by-side with their parents while learning the joys of cooking. The fun and functional Kinderkitchen® line includes Crocodile Jaw Tongs, the Bird's Eye Open Spoon, and more. The collection also includes a handy, washable Tote Bag to store the tools when not in use. Visit

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