Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tribe Debuts Its Head-Turning Collection of Leather Diaper Bags

Since launching in July 2011, premium (Singapore-based) brand Tribe has been turning heads with its inaugural collection of standout leather diaper bags. Hot off the heels of being extremely well-received by industry insiders, celebrities and on-trend parents, Tribe is now entering the U.S. wholesale markets, first at Playtime New York on March 10th-12th 2012, providing U.S. press and retailers with direct access to the brand's collection.

Beautifully styled, casual but refined, and made from high quality leathers, Tribe's collection of diaper bags and accessories resonate with parents who value and appreciate luxury in a form which is compatible with their lifestyles. "Luxury and practicality needn't be mutually exclusive," says Tribe's founder Rosie Jansen. "Before Tribe, the something extra which women were looking for in diaper bags was hard to find because there was no stand-out offering available. Tribe has redefined what a diaper bag should be, and creates diaper bags which women take pleasure in owning."

The signature item in Tribe's collection of diaper bags is the Singapore Sling. Available in an array of refreshingly bright colors (raspberry and sea blue) as well as classic color palettes (midnight, café and cognac), the soft-milled leather bag has become Tribe's signature and best-selling item.

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