Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Coolibar Meets Moms Needs

What are new moms supposed to do to protect their precious newborn from the sun when experts agree that infants' skin is too sensitive for sunscreen until they're six months old? We've all seen the blanket or towel thrown over the hood of the stroller or car seat, but without protection, harmful rays can still get through and often babies become hot, sweaty and miserable.

So, Coolibar, the leader in sun protective clothing, has come up with a simple yet ingenious solution that new moms are sure to love while they're out and about this summer. And luscious new colors have been added to the mix!

The Coolibar Sun Blanket is made of Coolibar's own ZnO Suntect fabric - a cotton/bamboo/spandex blend that's as soft as a baby's bottom, lightweight and breathable. It is rated UPF 50+, giving complete peace of mind and priced at $25.00, it's easy to have a couple on hand to throw into a beach or diaper bag.

It comes in four beautiful summery colors: white, morning sky, pink blossom, apple, cancun, azure, poppy pink and sunset lavender.

The new Coolibar Sun Shawl is exactly what mom needs to protect herself with a dash of color, while she is out and about with the kids. Each shawl is made with the super soft, breathable, lite Suntect fabric and comes in a dozen yummy colors and is only $29.

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