Thursday, September 5, 2013

Safety Month theme: 'Green is the New Pink & Blue'

The theme of Baby Safety Month, sponsored by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), will be ecological consciousness, highlighted by the slogan "Green is the New Pink & Blue."

September has been the JPMA's Baby Safety Month since 1991, but each year it has a different theme. Recent themes have included "Take a Second Look at Second Hand Baby Gear," "Carry With Care" and "Make Every Night a Safe Night."

This year's theme emphasizes educating parents and caregivers about eco-friendly practices in selecting and using items for babies and young children. These include natural alternatives for items like diapers, soap, toys, wipes and bottles; items that can be bought or borrowed secondhand (and items where that's not a good idea, including car seats and cribs); and general guidelines about living an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

"When it comes to raising children these days, many parents are looking for methods and products to help them go green and reduce their family's carbon footprint," says Julie Vallese, JPMA's managing director of government and public affairs. "JPMA hopes our living green guide will help them in their efforts to ensure the first years are happy, healthy and safe."

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