Friday, March 5, 2010


by Mary Gerlach

What is LoveIt? LoveIt is two things, actually. It’s what we here at Baby & Kids say amongst ourselves when we adore a design, are feeling nostalgic or basically have a soft spot in our heart for something. LoveIt! is also going to be a regular feature on the Baby & Kids blog that features the products (and sometimes people, pop culture and trivia) we can’t get enough of. There may be more abbrevs and definitely a more causal vibe, but that’s us and this is what we love.

The Baby Bunch’s Nest & Eggs. The nest has three “eggs” made with pink or blue organic socks, and the bird is a lavender-scented sachet. Seriously, this small gift steals the show at a baby shower. Reminds me of something I’d see at Anthropologie.

Kids can customize their placemats while they eat with either robot, me or jungle themes. With some pretty fun stickers to add character to the characters, I wish I had these placemats at my birthday parties when I was younger. The artwork is super cute, too. From Hello Hanna. Check out the company’s cupcake stands – another LoveIt!
I can’t remember having a specific hero growing up, and I always thought action heros were guys. So, imagine my excitment when I had the opportunity to ran this picture of Zola the Koala in a plush story I did for Giftware News. She’s got a purse! And a cape! And she’s here to save the day! From All New Materials.

Love these apple and pear note pads from Trade Star. What delightful teacher gifts. Not strictly kid related, but I adore the clever little gifts. Take note, that apple photographed in the back is sitting in one of those foam fruit cushions.

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